Woo Commerce is the most popular ecommerce engine for WordPress and rightly so. We have installed Woo Commerce on hundreds of websites since it’s inception.
If you are selling any kind of product or service, Woo Commerce has the functionality to make your online store a success.
If you are thinking of using Woo Commerce to sell online, below are the first of some optimisation tips we’ll be posting regularly to make sure your store looks great and operates well.

Tip #1: Get High Quality Product Images

Without a doubt, the one piece of advice we give our clients when we are building their store is “get good photography”.

It doesn’t matter how fabulous your product is, if the image is small and grainy, it simply isn’t going to cut it…ever…
Once you have these images, compressing them and avoiding the overuse of large images will help keep your site speedy and impress your customers.

Woo has some great image functionality and now even has an image zoom built in, so customers can see the finer details of your products (think Amazon or Ebay).

You should take advantage of some of the latest advanced imaging features, such as 360 degree views, live product modelling and more for product images that stand out from your competition.

Tip #2: Start a conversation with your customers

Having conversations with your customers is our number one tip for maximising profit from your online store.

You can speak to customers via review or comments sections on your product pages, help desk pop ups – where you can speak to your customers in real time and telephone help lines.
A good set of positive reviews of your product posted for customers to see or a highly visible help forum with an active user community, will have a big impact on sales.

Tip #3: Have the best customer service

Why wouldn’t you want to provide the best customer service? I’m sure no one sets out to build an online store with poor customer service, but the pace of life and the demands of the business can often deplete the service you offer over time.

In the world of ecommerce, it’s just as important to provide excellent customer service as it is in a bricks and mortar store. Make your WooCommerce store stand out by implementing online customer support plug-ins that make it easy for customers to ask a question or voice a concern.

When they do voice a concern, then do everything in your power to make sure it’s addressed in a timely manner, a great example of this is hotels on Tripadvisor.com