More often that not, clients come to us wanting to increase conversions on their website, be it in sales via their e-commerce website, inquires for a service or downloading an e book or white paper. Conversions are the beating heart of any healthy website.

Before we build them a new site we’ll look at the stats for their old site. One the most interesting things we see in most cases is that 20% of the web pages gain regular visits while 80% lie dormant. So for a 20 page website, results happen on just four pages.

With this in mind we’ll often build a website site map with the structure around the 20% of pages that drive conversions and integrate the rest into a smaller, more agile website. The results are higher conversions and a smaller bounce rate.

So, how does all this work for your business?

Well, with our attention spans giving goldfish a run for their money, it’s time to get to the point and quickly. Most visitors will bail on your website if they don’t see the key information they want within 8 seconds.

Professionally designed web pages built to convert into sales will make sure this key information is conveyed immediately. It’s not a case of removing 80% of the pages….

Building a clearly defined marketing funnel.

Too many pages can lead to a lack of clarity, whereas a clearly defined funnel, moving visitors to information they need and then to pre defined conversions will zero them in on your goals. If these pages are doing this job, then there’s no reason to have the others.

When your website is trying to hard.

When a site is built to do too many things it can lead to decision paralysis, higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates. Slimming down a website to it’s key pages leaves your visitors with less choice, more clarity and an easy path to a conversion. It’s the winning 20% without the 80% to distract them.