When it comes to maintenance, your website is not unlike your car, if you don’t get regular check ups, sooner or later it going to stop working.

Google has recently included factors like speed and security into its ranking algorithms, meaning that a poor performing website will drop down the page rankings.

Here’s five ways maintaining your site can improve your performance in search engines:

1. Freshness is good! Create new content regularly.

Google (and people) like fresh, frequently updated content on websites.  Not only does fresh website content make Google do a little dance for joy, it also helps engage current and potential customers. Planning for content updates is one of the best ways we know to get your website up the ranks for your particular niche.

2 . Regularly check for broken links.

What becomes of the broken hearted?  I don’t know, but I do know what becomes of broken website links…they make Google angry. Angry Google is not good, especially for website rankings.

Everyone hates clicking on a link, only to be taken to a blank page or a 404 page does not exist link. It’s not good for your online reputation.

3. Keep Your Website Plugins and CMS Up To Date.

Hackers, you’ve heard about them and maybe even encountered their work on your website. They are a sad fact of life in the online world and getting your website hacked can really ruin your week.

Keeping your website secure and up to date his the best way to avoid getting hacked. Running security checks and making sure the WordPress core and plugins are up top date will minimise security risks on your site.

4.  Optimise Website Load Times.

You’ve got around 3 seconds to show customers what you’ve got before they go elsewhere. That’s around the same time it takes to read this sentence. If your website is taking too long to load you will lose customers. Fact.

Search engines now factor in website load to into rankings, the faster the load time of your site, the better chance you’ve got of featuring in the top of Google’s results.

5. Make Sure Your Website Is Live.

Sounds simple, but a poorly managed website with cheap and nasty hosting will increase the chances of your website crashing. Add to that the aforementioned out of dates plugin and WordPress core updates and you could be waking up to a blank screen where your website used to be. Google monitors website uptime and downgrades sites that regularly crash.

If you are serious about keeping your website in tip top condition, have a look at our affordable, scalable website maintenance packages.