In the web design world we talk about UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface). I hear a lot of web designers discuss UX as the interaction that users have with a website, when in reality UX is far more than just a visit to your website.

True User Experience begins when a customer or client first hears about your brand or company. It should encompass the full journey they have with you. UI is the vehicle that takes them through the journey to the desired result, perhaps a sale or to sign up for something.

As designers, we get excited about the UI part of the process as it often means we get a stretch of creative muscles. However, a good UX strategy should not only include quantitive elements like A/B testing, card sorting and usability testing, but also qualitative elements like research, interviews with customers, creating customer personas and desirability studies.

Finding out what your customers want is the first step to building a website that will serve them well.